Thank You 467 Backers - Information for Anubhav Pre-Orderers

It’s a been a wonderful journey of 40 days through this pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter which ended June 29 - I am so grateful for the support for my new music.

If you are a Kickstarter backer, please review this important information:

- June 29 - July 14: Pre-sale campaign on Kickstarter ended June 29. Kickstarter takes 2 weeks to process your payments. If they have any issues they will have emailed you directly at the email address you used to make your pledge.
- Around July 18: check your email box used to make your Kickstarter pledge - look for an email via Kickstarter that requests you to fill out an information ‘survey’. Please make sure you complete that survey answering all questions as soon as possible. It is the ONLY way we have to collect your information (shipping address, email address to send the digital album), to get your reward. Note - when you made the pledge during the campaign you were not asked for address for delivery, so you will have to provide it at this time.
- Starting early August: Those who have provided all delivery information (see above), will receive from us an email for you to download the digital version of the album - downloadable from your computer only (not tablet or mobile phone)

Our plan for those who pledged for physical CDs and responded with delivery information is, that we will start delivering them later in August in the mail.

General release of the Anubhav album will be available through all major channels in later Fall 2018. We will keep you posted!

Thank you again for your support, I look forward to chanting with all very soon. Check out my event schedule and come chant live with me!

Ram Ram
Love Love